We will be your boots on the ground


Quality Control We conduct all necessary inspections

We understand the need to check the quality of your products before shipping them from china. We strive for the best results of your vision and according to your specific requests, we will check your product. We perform inspection of goods and factory evaluations, and can be involved in any way that will help to improve the quality of your imports from China. Our Quality Control includes:

  • Inspection prior to production
  • Inspection at time of production
  • Pre shipment inspection.

All audits and factory evaluations include:

  • Social Audit
  • Monitoring Audit
  • First Assessment Audit (where we make sure your supplier actually exists)

We have the capacity to check the credibility of the supplier in China so that you sleep better knowing that you are working with a trustworthy supplier.

You receive a complete report with details of the audit, any relevant information and photos and videos where necessary.

Don't waste time and money travelling to China just to verify your order, we do it for you! Don't jeopardize your business! Check what you have ordered