Best China Air Freight Service from China to UK, Australia, Canada & USA

Air freight is the fastest way to transport your cargo overseas. With the changing economy and the rapidly increasing need to transport goods by air, we are the best China Freight service available.


When we observe that there is no reliable way to transport cargo by air, our experienced Logistics Specialists provide the best solution for your needs, from Air Freight from China to UK or Germany to overseas such as Air Freight from China to USA and Canada, we are the leading Freight Service from China.


We provide you a wide selection of flexible services including airport to airport, door to door, shipping to Amazon FBA and more. At Global Kingdom, our range of solutions for your business and the rate of our client’s satisfaction is always on an upward spiral. 

Even when it’s urgent,  we make sure that your cargo and goods are delivered safely and on time. Customers who partner with us experience quality service and valuable time and cost saving transportation worldwide. Whether you are looking for great quality air cargo shipping or economical methods to send air cargo, we, at Global Kingdom, are exactly what you need to meet your expectations.

 Communication is the key element to providing our clients with world-class service. Our team of experts is highly motivated to pay individual attention to your shipment while constantly monitoring the status of the transportation process and keeping you in the loop. We are responsible for your cargo from the time you place your order and we prepare all documents and customs clearance services up to final delivery of the cargo to its location. Every air shipment is handled with care from pick up to final delivery.

Our services reach way beyond pick up to delivery. We help you run your time-critical business smoothly. Our approach to Air Freight ensures we can provide you with a flawless and seamless Freight Service experience from China


OUR services

  • Door to Door - Door to Airport -, Airport to Door -, Airport to Airport

  • Shipping to Amazon FBA
  •  Import & Export · Documents

  • Consolidations

  • Warehousing and Distribution

  •  Special Handling (temperature-controlled, high-value, oversized)

  •  Insurance

  •  Packing

  • Customs Clearance
  •  Track and Trace the progress of your air freight shipment online